Tourist Guide to Flower Festivals in India

Updated on Dec 20, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

India hosts grand and fascinating flower festivals and exhibitions in different cities every year. To make sure that you get to feast your eyes on these flower festivals, we have curated a list of India’s prominent flower festivals and why they are worth visiting.

Visiting the Cherry blossom festival in Japan or the Rose Parade in California might be on every traveler’s bucket list. But do you think India; a country that boasts of lush green mountains and sprawling flower valleys won’t have its own splendid flower festivals? 

Such festivals are necessary as they aid tourism and exhibit the host country’s rich biodiversity. The festivals also play a significant role in creating awareness about the environmental concerns of the host country or the city. The festivals do not just present a display of the blooms but also organize fun activities for the visitors to enjoy with their family and friends. If you are an anthophile and wish to be mesmerized by the sight of a variety of vibrant flower species, book your tickets and pack your bags right now. What better way to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of city life than spending time in the lap of nature?

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The Tulip Festival in Srinagar

While the Canadian Tulip Festival might be regarded as the world’s largest tulip festival, Srinagar in India also offers a spectacular display of tulips to the visitors. The festival that is celebrated with full fervor and joy takes place at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Garden which is the largest garden of tulips in Asia. The garden is situated only 9 kms away from the capital city of Srinagar and you can reach it using local transport as well as private vehicles from the airport or railway station. 

The garden is situated in the foothills of Zabarwan mountain range which offers a beautiful backdrop of snowcapped mountains, on the shores of Dal Lake which makes the overall view quite breathtaking for the visitors. This picturesque garden is home to over 60 varieties of multi-coloured tulips, such as, standard tulips, double bloom, parrot tulips, lily-flowering tulips, among others. Apart from tulips, the garden is also adorned with daffodils, roses, iris, hyacinths, etc. 

The event generally begins in the month of March or April; however, the viewing of tulips depends upon the weather conditions. Spanning over 15 days, the festival puts the spotlight on the garden that sprawls over 30 hectares creating a rainbow of colours and providing a real treat to the eyes. Around 2 million tulip bulbs bloom here during the time of the festival and exhibit their majestic beauty to the tourists. Apart from enjoying the visual treat, you can also engage yourselves in cultural shows, boat races, savor a variety of Kashmiri cuisine, buy Kashmiri handicrafts, etc. If you are a flower enthusiast, you don’t want to miss out on this beauty!

The Flower Show in Ooty

Ooty, regarded as the Queen of Hills, hosts an annual Flower Show in the famous Botanical Gardens of Ooty. The garden is adorned with around 1000 species of exotic as well as indigenous species of plants, trees, shrubs, etc. and represents the rich and varied floral heritage of Nilgiris district. Flower fanatics from all over the country make a visit to Southern Indian in spring to witness the beauty of the flower festival in Ooty. This three-day flower show is usually held in the month of May when a variety of roses and orchids bloom. Even though it might take the visitors 4-5 hours to cover all the major attractions at the event, the ticket is valid for the entire day. 

The event also exhibits a spice show, vegetable show, and fruits show along with the flower show. Around 150 kinds of flowers including carnations, liliums, hyacinths, marigolds, tulips, etc. are put on display for the visitors and the vibrant hues adorn the length and breadth of the Botanical Garden. The elaborate Indian and Japanese flower sculptures along with rangoli, bonsai, vegetable carving, etc. serves as a pleasant sight for the visitors. The festival also involves music and dance to showcase the culture and lifestyle of Ooty. 

The main aim of the festival is to exhibit the rich floral diversity of Ooty, therefore, promoting Ooty’s tourism. Apart from showcasing their flora prowess, the Flower Show is also aimed at generating awareness about the local gardening practices and the farming community. So, are you ready to witness the transformation of the Botanical Garden into a paradise flaunting a splendid variety of flora?

Cherry Blossom Festival in Shillong

Cherry Blossom Festival Cherry Blossom Festival

While the Cherry Blossom festival of Japan and the United States is renowned worldwide for its transient beauty, how many of you are aware of the Cherry Blossom festival held in India? While cherry blossoms bloom during spring season in Japan, clusters of Himalayan cherry blossoms light up across Khasi hills in Meghalaya and the capital city of Shillong in November during autumn. The buds start to sprout in late October and by November the flowers begin to bloom in their full glory.

So, around November, Shillong organizes the International Cherry Blossom Festival to exhibit the mesmerizing cherry blossom wonderland. The fully bloomed cherry blossoms make the streets of Shillong turn pink and offer a striking spectacle for the visitors as well as the residents.

Visitors from far and near flock to attend the three-day festival to be allured by the beauty of white and pink cherry blossoms during the day. At night, the trees look more beautiful as the place is lit up by vibrant illumination and the festival offers guided night walks to the visitors. The cherry blossom festival also includes a plethora of fun activities to keep you entertained like live music, dance performances, pageants, other cultural events, and stalls offering local cuisine and wine, arts and crafts of the region. Your pursuit of Sakura ends here, mark your calendars and be ready to be painted with a splash of pink cherry blossoms!

Lalbagh Flower Show in Bangalore

Lalbagh Flower Show is one of the most anticipated events in the city of Bangalore. Lalbagh Botanical Garden that lies in the heart of Bangalore hosts this gorgeous flower show twice a year, on Republic Day and Independence Day. The name lalbagh itself is derived from the blooming of visually appealing red roses throughout the year. During the festival, the visitors can expect to see around 1000 species of unique flowers inside the glass house of Lalbagh as well as around the whole garden. During January and August, the garden is painted with colours. The biannual flower show is held for over a week. 

The show displays replicas of prominent palaces, forts, monuments, musical instruments, royal animals, etc. made using different species of radiant flowers in accordance with the patriotic theme of the events. Since Lalbagh is an institution of ecological significance, the use of plastic is restricted to maintain the greenery and cleanliness of the place. While the visitors can admire the well-maintained floral arrangements, they can also take some of the exotic plants back home. This lush green paradise is awaiting your presence this year!

Rose Festival in Chandigarh

Rose Festival Rose Festival

Rose Festival is one of the main events that take place in Chandigarh. The three-day festival is organized in the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden that sprawls over 30 acres of land and hosts the exhibition of different varieties of beautiful roses that bloom every year in the garden. The festival is usually held at the end of February or the beginning of March and is visited by flower enthusiasts from across the country. The exquisite varieties of roses on exhibition include hybrid teas rose, miniature rose, blue rose, green rose, among others. One of the specialties of the event is naming of the roses after famous personalities, countries, states, fruits, from across the globe. You will be able to find roses that are named after famous personalities like Queen Elizabeth, cities like Delhi, countries like America, fruits like cherry etc. which elevates the experience.

The sole aim of the festival is to draw attention towards the unparalleled beauty of nature so as to express gratitude towards it. The festival is not limited to rose shows but also includes entertaining activities and contests such as cultural music night with live Punjabi music, folk dances, Mr. and Miss rose competition, short skits, flower cutting and arrangement competitions, and much more. A variety of swings and rides are also set at the Children’s Zone for the entertainment of the young visitors. The visitors can also enjoy the stunning view of Chandigarh city on a helicopter during the festival. How can a festival be complete without food, right? So, lip smacking dishes from various cuisines are arranged for you to satiate your taste buds as well. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to witness an excellent diversity of roses!

Kaas Plateau Flower Show in Maharashtra

Kaas Plateau Flower Show Kaas Plateau Flower Show

Kaas Plateau, popularly known as Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers, is located around 20 kms away from Satara City in Maharashtra and can absolutely stun you with its beautiful display of a variety of flora and fauna. The site, which was recently declared a biodiversity world heritage site by UNESCO, offers shelter to many insects, beautiful birds, reptiles, etc. The plateau transforms into a carpet of dazzling hues covered with wildflowers during the months of September and October. Considering factors such as monsoon and weather conditions, the flowers may bloom and stay for about 20 weeks.

Nature lovers, trekkers, botanists, from around the country visit the plateau to witness the blanket of brightly colored wildflowers. The plateau is home to over 850 different varieties of wildflowers. If you wish to see some rare and native species, you know where to head!

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